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´╗┐tech ID card maker leases space in Owings Mills

A New York based company that won a contract in February to provide high tech ID cards to Baltimore County Public Schools has signed a lease with St. John Properties Inc. in Owings Mills.

ScholarChip Card LLC will take 7,560 square feet at 9 Easter Court in the Dolfield Business Park. The office space comes as the company seeks similar contracts in the region and the company will hire 30 employees to start.

The flex building will be used to service operations in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, the company said. Workers will assemble attendance readers, kiosks and card issue stations in the building as well as provide support to customers.

ScholarChip's deal with the school system starts in the fall when it will provide 126,000 ID cards to Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg students and staff. The cards are called "smart IDs," and can be used to monitor attendance in real time in both the classroom and upon entrance to the building. The data is uploaded to a cloud computing system and can provide real time reports on demand.

ScholarChip also has a contract with the Carver Technical Vocational High School in Baltimore.

The company has operations centers in New York, Long Island, Philadelphia and Portland, Ore.

"This location . will Brand Levitra Vs Generic bring new high technology jobs Buy Levitra Online Usa to the area," Maged Atiya, ScholarChip's chief technology officer, said in a statement. "Our company intends to establish a long term presence in Owings Mills and Baltimore County."

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